Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Illustration Post #4

List 10 illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate.

Goro Fujita

Kazu Kibuishi

Doug Tennapel

Derek Yu

Yoshitaka Amano

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Hiyao Miyazaki

Joseph Leyendecker

Nicholas Gurewitz

Mike Krahulik
 The typical trend for most of these guys I see is that they don't have usual clients they go after but rather focus almost exclusively on their personal projects.

Goro Fujita - Dreamworks

Yoshitaka Amano - Square Enix

Joseph Leyendecker - Saturday Evening Post

Find at least 10 magazines I could work for:

  • Game Developer
  • ImagineFX

10 non magazine clients I'd work for:
  •  Blink-182
  • Valve Software
  • ILM
  • Dreamworks
  • Penny Arcade

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