Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Latest Homemork 2/18

Reading... stuff... stuff like:
  • Transcending CSS 86-119
  • Chapter 12 in Learning Web Design
Quiz: info from chpts. 11 & 12 {inheritance, specificity, ruler, etc}

Writing: Address/analyze (navigation intuitive?, notable aesthetics?, no branding, usability?, findability?, content order?, critical info all there?, layout consistent?, what needs work?)

Typed out, print out site as is and mark on it.

Strip the content out of CircaMemphis

Construct 2 site maps
  • current setup for CircaMemphis
  • proposed setup for CircaMemphis
Create 2 wireframes for Circamemphis (apparently in Transcending CSS)(use iPlotz)

Then create 2 more models using the grey box method. (10min a piece?)

Create a sample page for CircaMemphis (based on site maps) and import the content from the other old site. Markup and style it in a bada** kind of way.

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